This isn’t a democracy, it’s an auction.

Friends –

It doesn’t remind me of the America that I grew up proud to be a citizen of.
We’re worse than a lot of banana republics.

I’m really sick of the newest Supreme Court outrage – they say that now there is NO limit on the amount a “person” can give.

How sick! Just because you make $145000 a day) Like the president of Exxon-Mobil) you should have more infuence with the politicians you can buy than I can? How unfair!

I’d like to be proud of my country again, and to elect politicians who only go into the government to make money.

If you agree, like a senator from Montana just did – Senator Walsh – go to this webpage and give some money if you casn, but spread the word: You are one of us who are sick of venal “Congress people.” Click over to

and tell more citizens how you feel. I think this should be OUR country, not the country of the top 500 corporations.

Peace –


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