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Friends –

I feel so wonderful-confused about this great place on the web, that you and I have made together, with the incredible friendship of my great BrasiloGerman pal Rainer Brockerhoff, who set it up on his enviable Macintosh Superarray of computational moxie, about 5-10 years ago, when I was visiting my other home country, Brasil.

And I understood it vaguely then, and the passage of time had reduced my fledgling comprehension to the merest flicker, I barely know how to do anything to make this baby roar into orbit –

Nonetheless, here we are!

Waidamint, I hear you saying. I said that who made this electroenterprise was you and me together, fgiven the JATO help of Rainer, and I explained to you how little I learned how to do, and how even less I know now – well, then, why did I say that you, who are out there somewhere perhaps reading this, what is your role?

Well as far as I can see, you are all putting your collective shoulder to the wheel and pushing me to try again to get into orbit by signing on at least two a day, many times more, and you keep doing it?

So I figger that I should be doing whatever it is that I have been doing so that this durn thang can really soar (I like soaring, as many of you also know)

About ten years ago or more Talmy Givón, and huge linguist-author-Tao Te Ching friend told me about finding something to wear around your neck, so I found something, and told me about totems too.

he said that your totem animal(s) are just those that you feel particularly close to.

Hey, thinks I, I can tell you those easy: humpback whale, those are the beautiful ones whose tail comes all the way out fo the water when they are going down for their deep dives

and red-tailed hawk, I love so much that shade of redbrown on their tailfeathers,

and brown bear (my Andover friends called me Red Bear)

and one fourth one, the weirdest one:

daddy longlegs spider

That’s me, through and through.

So I know soaring from watching hawks soar.

And I feel that Dream Deep is aloft, and going to where it is that all of us want to go, all many of us already, and many more of us this week than last week –

so every now and then I am going to paste into these posts some words that just sing to me, and I hope that they will sing to you too.

And if you would like to suggest some of your own, I would love that.

This whole meeting is surrounded by light and fun, so let’s keep doing it.

As they say, if it feels good, fondle it.

Peace –


And here is a terrific piece of writing, is it a poem? It is by one of the greatest of poets of all times, Rainer Maria Rilke, but it doesn’t have measured lines like most of his writing does, so let’s just dare to say:

he really meant these words, whoever they were written to, and I sure felt that they were written to me – they are to anyone who has ever wanted to write a poem, who has fallen in love with language.

I don’t know who gave this to me, many thanks if it was you, and I have tried to translate it as well as I could, please help me if there are mistakes, and I hope you will love it like I do.

…um einen einzigen Vers zu schreiben, muss man viele Städte, Menschen und Dinge gesehen haben,
man muss die Tiere kennen, man muss fühlen vie die Vögel fliegen,
und wissen welche Bewegung die kleinen Blumen machen, wenn sie sich am Morgen öffnen.
Man muss an Wege in unbekannten Gegenden wiederdenken können,
an unerwartete Begrüßungen, an Abfahrten, die man seit langem näher kommen sah,
an Kindheitstage, deren Geheimnisse sich noch nicht geklärt haben,
an in ruhigen Zimmern verbrachte Tage, an Vormittage am Meeresufer,
an das Meer selbst, an die Meere, an volle durchreiste Nächte,
die mit den Sternen verflogen und es reicht nicht aus, dass man an all’ dies zu denken weiß.
Man muss Erinnerungen haben an viele Liebesnächte,
von denen keine an die andere glich, an Frauenschreie beim Gebären,
an leichte, weiße und schlafende Frauen.
Man sollte auch bei Sterbenden gewesen sein, bei Toten gesessen haben,
im Zimmer und mit offenem Fenster, um die stoßweisen Geräusche zu hören.
Und es reicht selbst nicht, Erinnerungen zu haben.
Man sollte sie auch vergessen können, wenn sie zu zahlreich sind.
Man muss die große Geduld haben zu warten, dass sie wiederkommen.
Denn es sind noch nicht die wirklichen Erinnerungen.
Nur in dem Moment, wo sie in uns Blut, Blick, Geste werden,
keinen eigenen Namen mehr haben, sich von uns nicht mehr unterscheiden,
kann es geschehen, dass sich aus ihnen heraus in einer begnadeten Stunde
das erste Wort eines ersten Verses ergibt

(Rainer Marie Rilke – Les cahiers de M.L. Brigge)

. . . in order to write one single line one has to have seen many cities, people and things,
one has to know animals, one has to feel how birds fly,
and to know which movement the small flowers make when they open in the morning.
One has to be able to think again of roads in unknown regions,
of unexpected greetings, of departures that one has seen drawing nigh for a long time,
of childhood days whose secrets have not yet revealed themselves,
of days spent in quiet rooms, of mornings on the seashore,
of the sea itself, of the oceans, of whole nights spent underway,
nights that flew away with the stars and it is not enough that one knows how to think of all this.
One has to have memories of many nights of love,
among which none resembled any other, of the cries of women giving birth,
of women light, white and sleeping.
One should also have been with people dying, have sat with the dead,
in the room and with open windows, to hear bursts of sound.
And it is not even enough to have memories.
One should be able to forget them, when there are too many of them.
One has to have the great patience to wait for them to come back.
Because these are still not the real memories.
Only in the moment when they turn in us into blood, glance, gesture,
no longer have their own names, are no more to be differentiated from us,
only then can it happen that out of them in a blessed hour
the first word of a first line emerges.


And now I know many of you have cellular phones which,like my wonderful iPhone, can get me to the net at any time, and to email, and mine has an app called Buddha quotes, I got it for free, all of my apps I got for free, there are some fabulous ones, anytime I want, I can see what the Buddha is thinking about. And here are some of the things that came through recently, and I sorta think that the8y are part of the Deep Dream we are all dreaming together.

When you realize how perfect everything is
you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.


From the iPhone app
Buddha quotes

June, 2013.

When one has the feeling of dislike for evil, when one feels tranquil,
one finds pleasure in listening to good teachings.


From the iPhone app
Buddha quotes

June, 2013.

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care
for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.


From the iPhone app
Buddha quotes


Thanks to Wayne:


by: Olszewski, David, E.E., I.E.


EARLY EXPERIMENTS In 1965, the Russians and Czechs were trying to standardize colour therapy, which is the use of colours to treat the body. When they used a single colour on a number of people, they got different reactions because colour affects emotions and produces different effects. The Russians wanted to have a standard treatment, so they theorized that if they isolated one frequency of blue, or red, they could duplicate colour therapy on a regulated basis. They started separating different frequencies with lasers, and they discovered a lot more than they expected to find. They discovered that a single frequency light in a laser can stimulate DNA in damaged cell tissue. They used a low power laser under 50-milliwatts because higher lasers can cut tissue.

PULSED VS.CONTINUOUS LASER They discovered that if they used a pulsed laser light, the tissue healed rapidly. On the other hand, if they gave a continuous beam, it sedated the cell and killed the pain. When a single frequency pulsed light hit the cell, it actually stimulated the cell to start producing more protein than it normally does, and as a result, the cell would heal. Even when they took the light away, the cell continued its healing. The continuous beam had a reverse effect. It actually caused the cell membrane to relax; it killed pain, reduced inflammation and made muscle tissue relax.

INCREASED HEALING IN THE 660 nm WAVELENGTH ( http://lighttherapyoptions.com/2008/11/what-does-415nm-660nm-mean/) It didn’t matter what the frequency was. It could be infrared, red, blue, or green, as long as it was single although, as you move toward the red end of the spectrum, the rate of cellular regeneration increased. For instance, a single frequency in the green range might affect the kidney 40 times better than a normal base-line study, whereas a red would be about 4,000 times faster. So over the years they migrated to infrared, red and eventually the 660 nanometer wavelength because it was the fastest way to regenerate tissue. So if you have an injury you would normally recover from in ten days, you can actually recover that tissue in two days by treating it with light.

WAVELENGTH OF CELL TISSUE About ten years later at the University of Chicago, researchers discovered that the average wavelength of cell tissue in the human body ranged between 600 nanometers and 720 nm; 660 is the mid-point. So in essence, the reason a 660 nm works better than any other single frequency is because it is closer to the resonant frequency of cell tissue. The other reason is that 660 nm absorbs better in hemoglobin.

LASER LIGHT VS LIGHT EMITTING DIODES (LED) When this therapy reached the U.S. and Canada, both lasers and light-emitting diodes at 660 nanometers were being used. The LED diffuses; the single frequency laser does not. With this diffusion, the cell can actually be in control of the treatment and shut off the molecules when it was done. But with the laser, the cells are no longer in control; the doctor or the practitioner applying the laser is in control. If he does it too long or with too much strength, you would not only heal the tissue, but you would start a deterioration again. So basically, the use of light-emitting diodes eliminated the draw back of lasers, and light could be applied into such sensitive areas as the eyes and around the face. LEDs allowed this whole area to blossom into a much larger usage by average people in their homes. Tiina Karu, Ph.D. of the Laser Technology Center in Russia, and affiliated with the University of California at Berkely, probably the top researcher in the world on the use of lasers and light emitting diodes published a study in Health and Physics Digest called “Photobiological Effects of Lasers” which discusses photobiological stimulation without laser light. The article explains that you can do laser treatment without using laser light, by using light emitting diodes which are much safer. Since the cells are basically in control of the process, there is no way to overuse light.

THE MERIDIAN SYSTEM Acupuncturists discovered that single frequency light could activate acupressure points. Pulse light could stimulate it; continuous light could sedate the acupuncture points. But they also discovered that light applied to a meridian end-point can actually be traced flowing through the meridian to the organ acupuncture points. The meridian system is a useful pathway for getting light deeper into the body, so if you are treating things like asthma in the lungs, there is an alternate method of getting light into the lungs.

DEPTH OF LIGHT PENETRATION As we developed more types of lights with different geometrical shapes, we were able to actually get light deeper into the body without going through the meridians. Initially, single frequency light penetrated approximately an inch and a half, but today, larger units can penetrate up to eight inches. It will go through the skull. We use it on strokes, concussions and internal problems in the brain. Excellent studies have been done using light for pain relief, degenerative osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel tendonitis, skin ailments, acne, psoriasis, healing of the sinus cells, throat and ear problems, whiplash and lower back problems.

PENETRATING THROUGH THE BLOOD STREAM You can even get light into the blood stream. One of the best ways is through your belly button, because the aorta artery is behind the belly button. So if you insert the light there for 20 minutes, every drop of blood in the body will pass in front of the light, increasing the activity of your white cells, red cells, B-cells and T-cells, so you can boost your whole immune system.

ACUTE VS CHRONIC CONDITIONS If you use lasers or light-emitting diodes, it will actually speed up healing by a factor of five. If you have chronic conditions like osteoarthritis or whiplash from 15 years ago, conditions that are not responding or are deteriorating, the use of laser and LED light has actually stimulated regeneration. I believe light is going to play the biggest part in chronic conditions for people who have already explored a lot of other modalities and have found no solution.

BRAIN WAVE STUDIES We were studying the diagnosis of illnesses like leukemia, etc through brainwave patterns. We were surprised to find that when we treat the person with light, or with heat, that when the body starts healing, it shifts into what is called a healing profile where beta waves disappear, and alpha, theta and delta appear like you wouldn’t even find in a yogi.

THERMAL THERAPY FOR IMMUNITY A rectal heat probe allows the temperature to rise to between 98ï‚° and 113ï‚° in the rectum. It corrects prostate troubles and shrinks the prostate. It eliminates hemorrhoids. The most important use for rectal therapy is that it makes your body think you have a fever, even though the heat is only in the rectum. So the body will fight the fever by generating new white cells in the bone marrow. In this way, you can increase your white cell count overnight in lowered immune systems. Many thermal units are being used to boost the immune systems of people with serious illnesses such as cancer, AIDS and lowered immunity. We use heat to generate new white cells in depleted immune systems, and we use light on the blood stream to regenerate red cells, white cells, B and T-cells. So the combination of light and heat has been very effective with critical conditions.

“I oppose sunglasses. Sunglasses are the main reason why the UV light destroys the eyes. This occurs because your pupils expand when you wear sunglasses, and the exposure can destroy your eyes even quicker”. – Meier Schneider

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