There’s his car!
Let’s show him we’re game.
No sleep in us now.
Swirl around him as the door
opens, he comes into sniffing range.

He takes off shoes, lays down
his bag –– goes towards the kitchen.

Don’t despair, stay alert,
the night is young.

We think he eats those smelly things
(no telling what they’ll do)
while those flat white things with lines
of dots are on the table too,
and he watches all those still dots,
as he stabs his food with shiny poky
things he “holds” (they can do that
with the paws they have), wish we
had them too, but then we might
get stuck with their noses too.

Wooee –– talk about smell-deaf . . .
they can’t even get the notes that Gordon
and Henry leave us on the telephone pole.

Wait! Ears up! He’s coming
back towards front door and shoes,
he picks them up, goes back to the kitchen,
puts shoes on, opens the garage door,
takes leashes down ––––
Woooooa! All right!
Walk City! Less go, girls!!

Sukho Thai

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