Hi tech

Hi Tech

Music finds always a way.

Listening to Mummy and Daddy!s classical 78!s
that they loved, took such care of

Being allowed to wind up the Victrola!
with the big crank, like on the Model A,
knowing not to wind too tight ” spring might break ”
would leave the music locked in

shiny black grooves, oh so fragile, #don!t ever drop$
only 3 minutes to a side they played ”
a symphony was a whole album, discs in sleeves,
pull each out carefully, put back carefully after hearing,

And for special music, so as not to wear the record down
with the stainless steel needles for everyday,
there are half%inch%long bamboo prisms, which are to sand down
into points so tiny, first clip bamboo in special vise,
sharpen by spinning a little sanding wheel
grinding down until was born a bamboo needle.

In the evenings, Mummy!s beautiful piano,
Grandfather!s piano major graduation present,
and Daddy!s precious violin, too delicate for little hands
to try to play on, not for the two boys ”

though we might try the piano, I learn a few bars of Bach
(who is Bach?) but his music went into my fingers
has stayed unwinding sixty years by now,

parents play there nights, together in their music,
hammered string and bowed, dancing off each other,

sons drift off to sleep those nights, dreaming on the dance.

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