This spotless first snow
delicately fallen, quietly lain,
(New Year’s Eve roads were glass–
even drunks knew to slow down)
meets me this morning
in the noiselessness carved
out of these new hours

we sit side by side, the dogs and I,
beginning to listen
in the chill green wrapped white
to the blankness of the page
we are given, the silence singing,
too early for trucks or trains,
the knife of our breath

ready to mark at a moment’s
notice, letters into this day,
no rush yet, time for waiting,
tasks may show later,
the embers of last night’s fire
will coax into flame,
time to feel time into time,

turn over cold air
heft crispness
savor silence
windless seep into bone
clean thought, clear mind
still music, just paused
dogs and me, all awe

January 1, 2001,

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