. . . . ¶ All . . . .
¶ Love ¶ All
¶ Love ¶ . . . .

These two words can be synchronized
with your breath.
One you say to yourself with the in-breath,
one with the out-breath.

It makes no difference which word you choose to say first,
nor whether you link it with the out-breath
or with the in-breath.
There is no one way for all people.
You may find that one way works better on one day,
and another on another day.

Just sit quietly with yourself,
letting your breath come and go as it will,
and find a way that feels best for you
right at that moment.

You may hear these words as connected into sentences, or not.
They may mean “love everyone,”
or “everyone loves,” or “the totality of love.”
Or they may become like a string of pearls.

There are two points in your breathing
where the breath turns.
Pay attention:

after all of your breath has flowed out,
to the instant when the breath turns to come in –
and after all of your breath has flowed in,
to the instant when it turns to flow out.

Allow yourself to expand into these turning points.

If you are a visual person,
imagine a great ball of pure light,
as one of these words rides with your breath.
This ball contains all universes and times.
With the other word-breath,
imagine an infinity of points of light,
like stars, one for every being that has ever lived.
Let the one great light become many,
and the many lights become one.

Hold to neither view.
Rest in the quiet between both,
as the words and the light and your breath
flow into & through & out of
one another.

. . . . ¶ Love ¶ All ¶ Love ¶ All ¶ . . . .

. . . . ∞ All ∞ Love ∞ All ∞ Love ∞ . . . .

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  1. kellyanncallahan Said,

    February 20, 2008 @ 2:32 pm

    This is nice, especially thinking of the words like a string of pearls – except I just read in your list of 40 Things that pearls melt in vinegar! Ah the pearls and argh the perils of greedy reading!

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