Books for self-healing

Deepak Chopra Timeless Mind, Ageless Body (or maybe vice versa)

or: Quantum Healing (other titles too,
and there are also tapes and videos that he has
made – check the web)

Norman Cousins The Anatomy of an Illness

Max Gerson A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases,
The Gerson Institute, P. O Box 430, Bonita,
California, 92002

Jon Kabat-Zinn Wherever You Go, There You Are

Bill Moyers Healing and the Mind

Dean Ornish Reversing Heart Disease &
Love and Survival

Pat Rodegast Emmanuel’s Book,
and Judith Stanton Emmanuel’s Book II – The Choice Between Love and Fear,
Emmanuel’s Book III – What Is an Angel Doing Here?

Bernie Siegel, Love, Medicine, and Miracles

Carl Simonton, Getting Well Again

Andrew Weil Eight Weeks to Optimum Health

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