We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors

Friends –

I just was sent, by my old pal Terry Halwes, the following link:


It is to a short film, featuring Annie Leonard, on how our consumption is grinding us into the ground. I find it very well made, and I wish very much that more people who make bigger decisions than I do could see it. And I also wish that kids could see it. I think anybody older than 8 will be able to understand it, and that will help the huge turning around that we all have to put our minds to, can not only begin with us, but can catch fire in the lives of the little people who we are turning the planet over to.

This quote went way deep into me:

We do not inherit the world from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.

Native American saying


Anyway, please watch this film yourselves, and pass it on to as many people as you think will take it to heart.

Peace –


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