This isn’t a democracy, it’s an auction:

Friends –

Has anyone else heard enough of this crap? About superPAC’s, about someone giving 5 million dollars to a candidate (I am uninterested as to what party that candidate belonged to. I am uninterested in whether President Obama is keeping up with the donations in his “war chest.”

I want my country back. In the country I loved, each of us had one vote, and could in no way buy more.

What has happened in the two years since the disastrous Supreme Court decision which said that corporations are people has left Congress with the lowest approval rating I have ever heard of – 10%.

If all our Congresspeople are is conduits for corporate millions, they have every right to be ashamed of themselves.

There is a way we can reverse this ghastly mistake: tell the Congress that our Constitution has to be amended, so that the law cannot be twisted to pretend that GM or Coca Cola has a heart like you and me. I’m sorry folks. No way.

Please go to this url:

cast your vote, and then tell your friends, like I am telling you:

We want our country back.

Peace –


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